For undergraduate students

Introduction to Electronic Engineering 
Linear Algebra
Signal and Systems 
Electronics Design Lab 
Digital Signal Processing 
Key Seminar

For graduates students

Probability and Random Process
Speech Signal Processing
Speech & Audio Coding Theory
Speech Recognition System
Adaptive Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition Theory 

Recommended courses

Ph.D courses
Pattern recognition theory
Optimization theory
Adaptive signal processing
Digital image processing
Special topics on DSP
Special topics on speech processing
Other computer & software-related courses
Thesis course 
M.S. courses
Probability and random process
Digital signal processing
Speech signal processing
Speech & Audio coding theory
Speech recognition system
Machine learning
Thesis course


2020 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2020 Spring    Speech Recognition System (EE738)
2018 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2018 Spring    Speech Recognition System (EE738)
2017 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2017 Spring    Speech Recognition System (EE738)
2016 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2016 Spring    Speech Recognition System (EE738)
2015 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2015 Spring    Speech Recognition System (EE738)
2014 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2013 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2013 Spring    Speech Recognition System (EE738)

2012 Fall         Introduction to Electronics Engineering (EE105)
2012 Fall         Digital Signal Processing (EE432)
2012 Spring    Speech & Audio Coding Theory (EE637)
2011 Fall        Electronics Design Lab (EE305A)
2011 Fall        Speech Recognition System (EE738)
2011 Spring   Digital Speech Processing (EE533)
2011 Spring   Key Seminar
2010 Fall        Signals & Systems (EE202)
2010 Spring   Speech & Audio Coding Theory (EE637)
2009 Fall        Speech Recognition System (ICE0746)
2009 Spring   Signal and Systems (ICE2211)
2008 Fall        Adaptive Signal Processing (ICE0634)
2008 Spring   Signal and Systems (ICE2211)
2007 Fall        Speech Recognition System (ICE0746)
                      Speech & Audio Coding Theory (ICE0629)

2006 Spring    Probability and Random Process (ICE0504)

2005 Fall        Speech & Audio Coding Theory (ICE0629)
2005 Summer Linear Algebra (ICE0102)
2005 Spring    Probability and Random Process (ICE0504)

2004 Fall         Adaptive Signal Processing (ICE0634)
2004 Summer Linear Algebra (ICE0102)
2004 Spring    Speech Recognition System (ICE0746)
2003 Fall         Linear Algebra (ICE0102)
2003 Summer Adaptive Signal Processing (ICE0634)
2003 Spring    Speech & Audio Coding Theory (ICE0629)

2002 Fall         Speech Recognition System (ICE0746)
                       Speech & Audio Coding Theory (ICE0629)
2002                Spring Linear Algebra (ICE0102)
2001 Fall         Speech Recognition System (ICE746)
2001 Summer  Speech Signal Processing (ICE632)
2001 Spring     Speech & Audio Coding Theory (ICE629)

2000 Fall         Pattern Recognition Theory (ICE631)
2000 Summer Speech Signal Processing (ICE632)
2000 Spring    Speech & Audio Coding Theory (ICE629)